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When your alarm clock goes off, do you hop out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day? Or are you groggy, tired and would rather hit snooze and sleep longer? A new study shows that the secret to feeling more energetic in the morning is to do three things. Viv Williams has the details in this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion."
In 2013, a proposed merger between Sanford and Fairview derailed after Minnesota officials expressed concerns.
Sanford Health and Minneapolis-based Fairview Health Services are pursuing a merger planned for completion by the end of 2023 that would combine the nation's largest rural health provider with a major Twin Cities health system.
Beyond the No. 4 overall ranking, Sanford Health specifically ranked No. 1 among nonprofit groups, best in health care and first for businesses headquartered in South Dakota.
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Do you browse online for stuff to buy during coffee breaks? Or grab an energy drink or latte on your way to pick up groceries? In this episode of "Health Fusion," Viv Williams explores a study about how caffeine may influence spending.
Signs point to the worst flu season in recent years, while new coronavirus variants continue to appear and RSV respiratory infections are on the rise.
Are you a person who spends big chunks of time cleaning up after yourself, feels overwhelmed with daily tasks or fights distraction? Those behaviors could be symptoms of adult ADHD. In this episode of "Health Fusion," Viv Williams shares info from a University of Minnesota psychiatrist.
A spokeswoman for Sanford Health's corporate office in Sioux Falls said the organization was unable to provide specific details, including the number of layoffs and which of the company's regions are affected.
Mayo Clinic study finds one-third of messages referred to a doctor by their first name. Women physicians were twice as likely to be "untitled" through patient communications deploying the use of a doctor's first name, and male patients were more likely to commit the error than female patients.
After Hurricane Ian destroyed her home, a Minnesota woman looks beyond tragedy to find gratitude and compassion for others. Where does one find such resilience? In this "Health Fusion" column, Viv Williams finds there's more to it than just an individual's inner strength.


Do you get a little bit cranky after a sleepless night? In this "Health Fusion" column, Viv Williams explores how sleep deprivation can do a lot more damage than just messing with your mornings. It may also make people less willing to help each other.

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