Jason Harward, Reporter, Forum News Service

Jason Harward

South Dakota Correspondent

Jason Harward is a South Dakota Capitol Correspondent for Forum News Service. Harward graduated from Northwestern University in June of this year, where he spent stints in Washington covering Congress for the Medill News Service and in San Antonio with KSAT-12 News, focusing on housing and infrastructure policy.

He is a Los Angeles native and currently lives in Sioux Falls, where he enjoys backpacking and exploring the food scene.

He speaks English and would love any feedback, story ideas or fun facts you want to send his way. You can reach him at jharward@forumcomm.com or 605-301-0496.

“We have to think about what our priorities are, especially considering the threats we face around the world,” South Dakota U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds said.
"It tough to get the project to pan out economically because you end up with so much money in for each lot," one economic development official said during a planning district meeting.
“There’s a considerable amount of trust given to the administration on federal fund authority,” a top Republican senator said. “They ought to work to protect that trust.”
Rick Weiland, a longtime understudy of former Sen. Tom Daschle, says he's focused on ballot measures that bring victories on "kitchen-table issues."
"They can probably take it one step further and ask should this even be allowed on our campus?" a lawmaker who brought a bill responding to an "all-ages" drag show at SDSU last year.
"This legitimized our concerns, which we appreciate as leadership," the mayor of Baltic said about a letter from the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources to a local developer.
“We know there are going to be more landowners who are served,” a state representative from Lincoln County said. “They haven't even started in [Minnehaha and Lincoln counties].”
“Apparently the private property rights of South Dakotans are just a minor detail to be overlooked when you’re pushing the D.C. liberal climate agenda," one state representative said.
“Not having a postsecondary degree didn’t hold me back, so I hope that qualified, dedicated South Dakotans can have those same opportunities," Noem wrote in announcing the order.
"He felt [public service] was a glorious opportunity; not an opportunity to harness anger, but rather to harness some meaningful conversation," Rep. Dusty Johnson said. "He will be missed.”