Adult, child bitten by dogs in separate Monday incidents in Sioux Falls

Animal Control is working to find the involved dogs to verify their vaccination status.


SIOUX FALLS — Authorities in Sioux Falls are working to find two dogs after a child and adult were bitten in separate incidents on Monday, April 17.

BITE 1: The first bite took place near Harvey Dunn Elementary School at approximately 6 p.m.

According to Animal Control, a man was walking with his 2-year-old son behind the school when they met two loose dogs with leashes on.

The two dogs were described as a medium-sized dog with a brown, shaggy coat and a larger dog with a black and white shaggy coat. The man reported that the larger dog jumped on him and bit him in the leg.

Following the bite, two younger girls grabbed the dogs, but did not share any contact information. One was wearing a Harvey Dunn Elementary School shirt and the other was wearing a gray Lincoln High School sweatshirt.


BITE 2: The other bite took place roughly a half-hour later about 8 miles to the east, near the intersection of South Wilson Avenue and West Luke Drive. Animal Control said a 9-year-old boy was riding his bike when he met a woman who was walking three leashed dogs.

One of the dogs, described as a small, black and white mixed-breed dog with long hair, bit the child in the upper leg. Her other two dogs were described as medium-sized mixed breeds with golden hair.

The woman walking the dogs did not share any contact information with the child.

Animal Control said the department needs to identify the dogs involved in the separate biting incidents in order to verify their vaccinations. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Animal Control at 605-367-7000.

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