UPDATE: Editor's pick for top reader photos from blizzard of the new year 2023

Readers submitted dozens of photos from the winter storm.

Snow - Shelley Kinsey-Baier.jpg
Shelley Kinsey-Baier submitted this photo to the Sioux Falls Live Facebook page. It's one of three Editor's Picks from the dozens submitted during the winter storm this week. <br/>
Contributed / Shelley Kinsey-Baier

UPDATE: I've picked my three favorite reader photos submitted here and through Facebook. You can see them below.
Thanks everyone for participating.
Near as I can tell, despite all the snow and two days trapped inside, we all came through it OK.
Be safe and have fun outdoors this weekend.
There's a ton going on, just check out our story from earlier this week.

UPDATE: Chris Parsley of Sioux Falls sent us a video from this morning. Scroll down to watch. Give it a minute.

How's the view?
The Sioux Falls metro is completely shut down.
If you think it's opening or happening today, it's not.
No school, no travel, no nothing.
This is my backyard as of about 9 a.m. What's your view?
Use #SiouxFallsLive on Twitter, email me at or comment below. There will be a prize or recognition (all the love) for the best or most creative. Use filters, use AI, doesn't matter. Let's see what you got.

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