City bus passes available through new app

Sioux Area Metro using Token Transit, which allows riders to buy and use tickets through a mobile device.

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The downtown transfer station for Sioux Area Metro transit in Sioux Falls.
Adam Thury / Sioux Falls Live

SIOUX FALLS — It’s easier to get a ticket for a city bus thanks to a mobile app launched recently by Sioux Area Metro transit.

Riders can use their phone to purchase and download a ticket on the free app from Token Transit.

The app is available on Apple and Android mobile devices. It requires your phone number and credit or debit card information to pay for the tickets.

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Robert Speeks, general manager for Sioux Area Metro in Sioux Falls.
Patrick Lalley / Live Sioux Falls

Once purchased, the pass is downloaded to the mobile device, which the rider shows to the driver when boarding.

Tickets are available for one ride or 10 ride packages. Riders can also buy passes that cover one, seven or 30 days.


“Offering a mobile ticketing option will help streamline SAM services and in turn simplify and enhance our passengers’ experience,” Robert Speeks, SAM general manager, said during a news conference promoting the service on Wednesday, March 8.

The app has been operational since January but city officials are just beginning to promote it, said Sam Trebilcock, senior planner for the city.

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Sam Trebilcock, senior planner for the City of Sioux Falls.
Contributed / City of Sioux Falls

“Over time our goal is to have a majority of riders using this option,” he said.

The transit rates remain the same.

One of the beneficial features for low-income residents is that individual passes count toward a monthly pass. So after 10 rides the rest of the month is free, Trebilcock said.

The system also allows people to purchase a pass at and send the confirmation number to a mobile number. That helps people without access to data plans. They can either purchase the tickets themselves on a computer with access or someone can do that for them.

Other technological advances are coming to the city’s bus system, Trebilcock said.

That includes GPS tracking and Wi-Fi on buses, he said, both of which are part of a plan awaiting city council approval.


The city issued a request for proposals to find a vendor before choosing Token Transit. The company collects 8% of the money spent on fares through the app. There was no upfront costs to the city, Trebilcock said.

Additional information on the system is available at .

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