Sioux Falls man charged with sliming for spitting on officers during robbery arrest

Police say Cody Ray Wounded Shield, 31, told a convenience store clerk he had a gun.

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SIOUX FALLS — A man was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 2, in central Sioux Falls after police say he told a convenience store clerk he had a gun before walking out with merchandise.

Sioux Falls Police found Cody Ray Wounded Shield, 31, a few blocks from where they say he robbed the Kum-n-Go at 12th Street and Grange Avenue about 8:45 p.m.

“He walked in and was taking some items, and an employee made some comment about if he was going to go pay for those. The guy put his hand in his pocket, essentially said that he had a gun and then left the store,” police spokesperson Sam Clemens said during the department’s regular briefing on Friday, Feb. 3.

Wounded Shield was charged with robbery, obstructing police and sliming.

“He was spitting at officers,” Clemens said.


No weapon was found.

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