Steamy trailer released for movie based on Sioux Falls author's romance novel

"Wait With Me" is adapted from Amy Daws' book, which was inspired by her time writing in the waiting area at Tires, Tires, Tires.

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This image taken from "Wait With Me," a movie based on the book by Amy Daws of Sioux Falls.

SIOUX FALLS — The first look at the movie based on Sioux Falls author Amy Daws’ book “Wait With Me” is out.

And … oh my.

Let’s remember that Daws is an avowed romance writer with 22 books to her credit before she landed a movie deal.

And also that the production company and distributor is Passionflix, a streaming service specializing in the romance genre.

It only takes a few seconds to see where this is going. Fans of the genre are going to love it.


“My mind was blown when I saw the trailer,” Daws said on Monday, Feb. 27. “I am thrilled with the tone of this sample video and I think it’s a great representation of my book.”

The book was inspired by Daws’ experiences at Tires, Tires, Tires on Minnesota Avenue.

Not in the literal sense. C’mon now.

It was at the Sioux Falls tire shop, waiting for her car, that she broke through a bad case of writer’s block.

Amy Daws' career started with a 2014 memoir about pregnancy loss, then romance novels and now a movie deal.

The staff at TTT embraced their “writer in residence” which eventually led to the “Wait With Me” storyline.

Passionflix didn’t just buy the rights to the book, they brought Daws into the screenwriting and production of the film, including three weeks on set in Atlanta.

The movie is scheduled for release on March 30.

Passionflix is holding a red carpet premiere in Denver on March 29 that Daws will attend with some family and friends.


“Sitting on set and watching those scenes take place was amazing,” Daws said. “But seeing what the camera saw in a trailer form was next level.”

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This image taken from "Wait With Me," a movie based on the book by Amy Daws of Sioux Falls.

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