What to do: Sioux Falls becomes bicycle city over the next week

Here's a digest of all the things to see and do in the coming days.

Hegg Brothers.jpg
The Hegg Brothers perform regularly in the Sioux Falls area.

SIOUX FALLS — Another balmy spring week here in Sioux Falls as the school year creeps to a close. It’s an excellent time to be a bicyclist, not just for the exemplary weather but for the gamut of bike-related events on the horizon.

I once heard a young child tell me about the bicycle that fell over because it was two-tired. Never one to be outdone, I had to tell him that I had named my bike "Bike" after its father, whose name was "Bichael." The fact that I didn’t get a laugh just goes to show that most geniuses go unappreciated in their time.

Rummages around

Brandon rummages.jpg

Did Midwesterners invent the rummage sale? No, but this reporter would argue that we’ve perfected it. In the 16th century, sailors packed cargo as efficiently as possible — a process known as romage (from the French arrumer, meaning to organize nautical shipments, as the French are just as adept as Americans at making up words they probably don’t need). Damaged or surplus goods were sold at ports in "romage sales," and over time the practice spread inland.

Brandon keeps this proud tradition going with an annual citywide rummage sale. Though May 13, stop by any number of friendly neighborhood merchants in search of the perfect deal. You can find a comprehensive list of items and participating households here .

Check out the Sioux Falls Live calendar anytime for events around the area:


Music, comedy

Prairie Hills Covenant church will be hosting the One Voice Community Choir for a night of music and comedy on Saturday, May 13, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. One Voice is a collection of musicians from all over our fair community, and they’re ready to serenade all those at 6000 E. 33rd St. at no charge.

Trece de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo.jpg

This reporter is a firm believer in keeping holiday celebrations going long past the day of, and is glad to hear that Wells Fargo shares this ideal. On Saturday, May 13, Falls Park will host the Wells Fargo Cinco de Mayo Falls Park Fiesta, an all-day celebration of Latino culture. Come for dancing, food, children’s activities, and live music under the scene vistas of our beloved Falls.

Hegg Brothers

Good Earth State Park will be hosting the Hegg Brothers at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 14. Dell Rapids native and member of nine-piece horn band "Spooncat!" Jeremy Hegg along with his brother Jonathon are gearing up to rock the park’s amphitheater. Admission will be free with a South Dakota State Park entrance license. Between playing with Smokey Robinson, backing up the great Chuck Berry, and receiving the Mayor’s Award for Performing Arts, the Heggs have plenty to be proud of. The two have just celebrated the two-year anniversary of their residency at the R Wine Bar, so those who prefer to stay indoors and sip their favorite red can see them there on Friday nights.

Tuesday rides

Spoke-n-Sport Tuesday Rides.jpg

Spoke-N-Sport Bikes is kicking off its weekly Tuesday morning rides on May 16. Kickstands go up at 6 a.m. on 3401 S. Cliff Ave. for a leisurely group ride around Sioux Falls, which will end right back in front of the store around7:15. Come by for an excellent exercise opportunity, then stay for the snacks and friendly faces.

Bike to Work Week

The series of events beginning Saturday highlights the benefits of biking and walking, not just to work but for daily errands and tasks.

Happy Bike to Work Week! This reporter, for one, is proud to have biked the 10 feet from his bed to his writing desk this morning. In honor of this holiday, Sioux Falls Bicycle Company is hosting a taco bar at 1740 S. Cliff Ave. on Thursday, May 18, from noon to 1 p.m. Post a picture of yourself biking to work to the related Facebook event to be entered into a drawing for prizes.

Open house for cycling plan

The city of Sioux Falls is hosting a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans Open House at the downtown library, 200 N. Dakota Ave. from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 18. Sioux Falls adopted its last Bicycle Plan in 2015, and according to the city website the Sioux Falls Bicycle Committee has labored for 18 months on a new and improved plan aimed to “make Sioux Falls a place where people want to ride their bicycle in all areas of the city.” A quick glance through the 66-page document (found here ) reveals a great deal of ambition. Some highlights include building a complete bicycle network in addition to expanding the pre-existing bike trail such that no point in the city is more than a mile away from the trail. Do you have any ideas on how to keep cyclists and pedestrians moving safely and efficiently? If this issue wheelie spoke to you, get a handle on the situation at the downtown library on Thursday. There’s only one more bike pun, I promise.

Soup Blessings

Local chef John Gilbertson is hosting a Warm Tummies Family Cooking event on Thursday, May 18, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum. Those interested should swing by 1900 S. Perry Place. Contrary to the stereotypical haughty French chef (the type to say such nonsense as "arrumer" and "hamburgers don’t count as cuisine"), Gilbertson is a man of simple tastes. He believes that “if you cannot do it with a French knife, paring knife, cheesecloth, chinoise or mandolin, it probably doesn’t need to be done.” Chef John regularly puts on classes for those who want to up their culinary game, and Thursday’s topic is "Soup Blessings." Those whose soup knowledge ends at Mr. Boyardee may benefit from attending.

That’s another weekly review done and dusted, folks. Remember to keep a tab in your browser open to Sioux Falls Live for all the latest and greatest in Sioux Falls goings-on. Sioux Falls Live: the only news outlet that’s never not in high gear.

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