South Dakota

The National Weather Service said the meteor, which was captured on camera in Watertown, prompted reports from Clear Lake and Bath.
“The Biden administration hasn't done enough to keep Americans safe," the governor said during her remarks, positioning South Dakota as an example of how states can protect American interests.
The Tea lawmaker's "amazing floor speech" capped the push in the Senate where the bill passed by one vote.
The 2026 election cycle is shaping up as a big one for South Dakota Republicans climbing the political ladder.
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The governor has three options: Sign it, veto it or do nothing, in which case it becomes the law without her appproval.
The plea agreement would have given the failed South Dakota Senate candidate no jail time in exchange for a guilty plea
“There's nothing in [Noem's] veto statement that's true. It reflects all of the tinfoil hat lines that those strange rangers were spreading around,” one Republican lawmaker said.
The final week at the Capitol saw a tying-up of loose ends of subplots in the 98th legislative session. Read five items you might have missed amid the tax cut hysteria.
The Sioux Falls School District received about $58 million of that money, which was used "to help kids and staff be safe and yet still try to get some learning done.”
Both drivers were taken by ambulance to a Sioux Falls hospital; Vicki Lingor, 60, of Harrisburg, died as a result of her injuries.


Both drivers were taken by ambulance to a Sioux Falls hospital; a 60-year-old woman died as a result of her injuries.
A semi driver swerved to avoid a pickup that had slowed to turn, but swerved into oncoming traffic, and was struck by another semi.
A semi-truck and trailer swerved into oncoming traffic in an effort to avoid a turning vehicle when it was struck by another semi.

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