Watch Hot Mic: The Twins pitching staff takes a hit and UND's Paul Sather on rebuilding his basketball roster

Hot Mic with Dom Izzo from Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023


Guests include Drew Trafton- WDAY Assistant News Director, Dick Bremer- Minnesota Twins Play by Play Broadcaster, and Paul Sather- UND men's basketball head coach.


0:01:00 - 0:19:00 Twins fall to the White Sox, Kish takes a job at Oklahoma, and Lakers vs Warriors recap.

0:23:00 - 0:37:00 Drew Trafton: Kraken take down the defending champs and win game one against Dallas


0:41:00 - 0:51:00 Jason Licht talks about why he drafted Cody Mauch.

0:55:00 - 1:01:00 College Football Playoff TV possibilities.

1:05:00 - 1:20:00 Dick Bremer: Twins recap, and starting pitchers injuries.

1:24:00 - 1:33:00 Dick Bremer: Twins roster moves.


1:37:00 - 1:52:00 Paul Sather: UND basketball retention's, and additions.

1:56:00 - 1:59:00 What to Watch

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